Feb. 22, 2021

Lake level is unchanged from last week at 4480’ down approximately two feet from last year on the same date. Clarity remains 5-8’ and water temps are ranging between 36-39 degrees.  There is snow on the ground at lake level and it is melting quickly. We are not expecting any additional precipitation through the month of February. Overnight temps will drop into the low 20’s, we are expecting to see sunny spring like temperatures reaching into the low 50’s over the next ten days.

There were 13 people fishing from shore around the coves of Canyon Dam this morning with mixed results. Hamilton Branch was depositing murky water into Almanor earlier this week limiting success. As Hamilton Branch clears fishing should improve. Check with Mark at Sierra Fly & Tackle for up to the minute conditions.

We are seeing an increase in boats on the water, trolling was slow yesterday, that said the fish caught were fat and healthy with an equal mix of Browns and Bows. We caught our fish slow trolling gulps with the bows coming in the top 15’ and Browns deeper. The bite around the dam is slowing; it will soon be time to branch out. I have heard reports of fish being caught fast trolling hardware, ripping flies and going slow. Pick the method your comfortable fishing and find bait and you have a great chance of catching a quality fish.

AFA Fish pen update:

The West Virginia strain Rainbow in our pens are doing great. Some are approaching the ten inch mark. They are eating up to 100#’s of food a day and AFA volunteers have not missed a day of feeding the entire season. Our 10,000 Feather River College Browns are also doing well and growing quickly. We ordered 1,000 tags for this year’s pen fish, they will be white in color; if you catch a tagged fish please report your results on the AFA website.

Deb is wrapping up our annual newsletter and prepping for printing. If you are a business owner and want your business recognized as a supporter of AFA please go to our website and signup or send us an email. If you have been a supporter of AFA in past years and you or your business have been impacted by COVID and you would like to have your business listed  please send us an email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..