Oct. 24, 2020

Another week of dry weather with no precipitation forecast in the foreseeable future have lake levels at unseasonably low conditions. Water temps finally dipped into the high 50’s.  High winds have most boats off the water this weekend. We are experiencing some algal bloom around the lake and visibility ranges between 5-12’ depending on location.

Pond smelt remain the dietary choice of all fish on Almanor these days. Smallies, rainbows, browns and salmon are enjoying these high protein morsels. Gulps and crawlers at 1 MPH, with or without dodgers and hardware at 2.5-3 mph will all work. We had friends up this past week and they did well on Jay Fair trolling flies with hot orange trolled at 1.5-2 mph the top producer. They were using wiggle disc’s when attached to a downrigger and no wiggle disc when top lining. Today we found biters at 30 plus feet deep early and in the top 10 foot of the water column mid-day. Smallies up to four pounds were caught by both trout and bass fishermen this past week with plastics in white the top producer.

Bank fishing at the branch is your best shot from shore and we are seeing some pressure in the coves around the dam by fly fisherman. As water temps continue to drop shore fishing will only improve. We need some real winter weather to jump start the coves for bank fishermen.

Most RV parks are closed as are all of our campgrounds, boat traffic is minimal. The road project over Fredoyner will be wrapping up on November 1rst and resume next spring. Traffic delays on all roadways leading to Almanor are minimal.