Aug. 3, 2020

Our summer weather pattern continues here in Plumas County, we received some afternoon thunderstorm storms his past week with close to an inch of rain recorded in the Prattville area. We will see cooler temps this week with highs reaching the mid 80’s and overnight lows dropping into the high 40’s. Water temps continue to hover around the mid seventy mark, clarity is unchanged at 15-18’ and we saw a one foot drop in lake level in July.  

Fishing is unchanged as fishermen continue to target trout in deeper water. Slow trolling crawlers and plastics at 1 mph off the bottom is the top choice. Start your day in the popular haunts, Rec #1 to Big Cove, Big Springs, Rec #2 to the Peninsula and off the East shore early and get off the water by noon when the bite dies. Boats on anchor are picking up a few fish over springs drifting crickets, king worms, crawlers and the cricket/meal worm combo.

Hamilton branch remains your best chance to catch fish from shore, crickets, crawlers and power bait work well at the branch. Bass fishing pressure remains light.

All roads leading to Almanor are open with delays up to 20 minutes on highway 36. Crews are still mopping up the Hog fire and crews are fighting the Stump fire around Mineral. Most campgrounds are open and we are not expecting any afternoon storms over the next week.