Hamilton Branch Public Fishing Access Area


Hamilton Branch improvment projectOne of the AFA's biggest projects of 2003 was the completion of the Hamilton Branch Public Fishing Access Area.  This project was begun in 2002 and was completed in November 2003.

This area of the Hamilton Branch is one of the most popular fishing areas for anglers and their families.  This site is located at the intersection of Hwy. 147 and County Road A-13 at the northeast corner of Lake Almanor.

A rocked parking lot (shown on right) with picnic tables and restrooms (shown on right), which are ADA approved, are now available for fishermen and picnickers alike.  An upgraded trail leading to the fishing area has also been provided.

Hamilton Branch improvement program




We would like to remind the community members using this Day Use Area to help us keep the area and creekside clean, fire-safe and trash free so all can enjoy it.

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